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Peterbilt Pride: Kings Produce Ltd.

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Peterbilt Atlantic customers represent the most successful & innovative companies across the Eastern Canada. Kings Produce Ltd. of Wolfville is no exception. Located in the heart of the Annapolis Valley, Kings is a wholesale shipping company for fresh fruits and vegetables. Kings owner Bill Cameron was generous to take a few minutes to share some insight into their business.

billycameron.jpgTell us a bit about your business:

We farm fresh produce here in Kings County - Annapolis Valley and ship it around the Maritimes and as far as Ontario.

How many years have you been active?

Ten years

What changes have you seen in your industry?

New technology comes out all the time - it's important to keep up to stay on the road and keep customers happy.

How many years have you been operating Peterbilt trucks?

We've used Peterbilt trucks since Day One of our operations.

What do you like about Peterbilt trucks?

Without question, love the build and the quality.

What do you like about Peterbilt Atlantic?

There is a good team and great service here in Kentville. It is so close to our home base - only ten minutes away. We take advantage of the other locations too when travelling.

Do you have a favourite place to grab a meal on the road?

We try not to stop too much but have always enjoyed the Double C Truck Stop in Glenholme.

Favourite highway view on the East Coast?

Love the view of Annapolis Valley & Cape Blomidon when coming over the hill in Avonport, Nova Scotia. A welcome site when coming home.

How can folks reach you?

Visit Kings Produce Ltd. anytime online at


Thanks to Bill for taking the time to chat! We love to hear from our customers! Got an east coast trucking story to tell? Email  

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