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Peterbilt Pride: Fisher Transport Limited

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Peterbilt Atlantic customers represent the most successful & innovative companies in Eastern Canada. Fisher Transport Limited is a proud Nova Scotia family run business with a commitment to growth and the continual improvement of the services they offer. After five decades of operations, Fisher definitely has the experience and capability to meet any bulk logistical need. General Manager Jordan MacDonald was kind enough to share his thoughts about his industry with us.

fisher1.jpgTell us a bit about your business:

Bulk liquid transport is at the core of what we do. We ship raw milk out of the province to many destinations. We also do chemical work, sanitary work and handle dangerous goods. We have shipments going into the US as far as Texas along with frequent business to Ontario, Quebec and throughout the Maritimes.

How many years have you been active?

55 years.

What changes have you seen in your industry?

The workforce is constantly changing. The needs of veteran drivers vs. newer drivers can be very different at times. The need for high-quality reliable services is more important than ever.

How many years have you been operating Peterbilt trucks?

We bought our first one last year.

What do you like about Peterbilt trucks?

They've got a great reputation. The drivers definitely appreciate them. A Peterbilt truck can be a good reward for a long term driver.

What do you like about Peterbilt Atlantic?

We like the variety of locations. Our trucks are often in Quebec and have taken advantage of Peterbilt Atlantic service up there.

Favourite place to grab a meal on the road?

The Silver Fox in Salisbury is a classic stop for our drivers. They also frequent the Grand Falls Irving and the Port-Joli Petro-Canada.

Favourite highway view on the East Coast?

Tough to beat Kelly's Mountain in Cape Breton.

How can folks reach you?

Visit Fisher Transport anytime online at

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