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6 Types Of Truck Technology That Maximize Uptime And Reduce Fuel Costs

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Learn about six types of truck technology that help you save money on fuel and reduce downtime.If you’re a fleet manager, fuel costs and fleet uptime are likely major areas of focus when you’re working to improve your budget. Rising oil prices worldwide and in Canada have a strong impact on your fleet. In fact, as much as 30% of a fleet’s budget is often dedicated to fuel. Reducing fleet fuel costs and maximizing uptime are the most strategic places to look for cost savings. Consider the following six types of truck technology and how they help your fleet save time and money.

1. SmartLINQ

SmartLINQ gives fleet managers advance notice when a truck repair issue arises, so they can schedule service accordingly. The technology helps drivers and their fleet managers determine whether a truck can stay on the road or needs to go to a service centre right away. Armed with instant information about the status of your trucks, you’re able to plan ahead and mitigate the impact of repair time on your fleet’s schedule. By maximizing your uptime, you improve your revenue potential.


This fully integrated powertrain features a PACCAR engine linked to an automated transmission. APEX’s control software helps your drivers shift more efficiently and improve fuel economy by up to 14%.

3. Driver Performance Assistant

Driver Performance Assistant is an in-dash coaching tool that notifies drivers when they should brake, accelerate or shift. It guides them toward more productive and fuel-efficient driving techniques. The coaching tool also aids in the reduction of wear on trucks, helping you save on fuel costs as well as maintenance.

4. SmartAir

It’s important to maintain a comfortable environment for driving, but did you know that an optimized climate control system can also reduce fuel consumption? Rather than relying on the main engine, the SmartAir system runs independently off of a smaller engine. This auxiliary engine uses very little fuel, helping your drivers maintain a comfortable temperature when parked without wasting fuel.

5. SmartNav

SmartNav includes GPS, a rear camera, truck monitoring and many other tools. The navigation tool in particular helps drivers find efficient, truck-friendly routes. It includes information about bridge heights, weigh stations, detours and estimated times of arrival, giving drivers the information necessary to minimize driving time and reach their destinations faster.

6. Next-Generation Routing

This re-design of chassis wiring prevents chaffing and pulling on harness connectors, reducing the frequency with which repair sensors are triggered. The more robust electrical and fuel system is easier to service, reducing your repair downtime. As some of the older trucks in your fleet reach the end of their life cycle, consider investing in trucks with cutting-edge technology to give your fleet a competitive advantage. By lowering your fuel costs and maximizing your uptime, you’ll have greater revenue potential and more room in your budget for the kind of tools you need to grow your business.

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